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Title: Historical Teaching and Practice: Into the Fray: The Challenges and Opportunities of Communicating History to the Public
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Start Time: Wednesday February 14, 2018 03:00 PM
End Time: Wednesday February 14, 2018 05:30 PM
Location: IMU Sassafras Room
Free/Busy: busy

Historical Teaching and Practice Event February 14, 2018, 3:30-5:00pm Indiana Memorial Union, Sassafras Room "Into the Fray: The Challenges and Opportunities of Communicating History to the Public" A talk by Kathryn Brownell, Assistant Professor of History, Purdue University, and co-editor of the "Made by History" column of the Washington Post Today, when so many of the political events that make up the daily news cycle seem unprecedented, historical analysis is more important than ever, allowing us to examine the social and cultural pathways that created this context so we can better understand how to address pressing issues of polarization, injustice and inequality. However, many Americans have received an inadequate or perfunctory history education. This problem has sparked a debate in the profession over how best to bring historians into the conversation. Even historians eager to enter the fray are unsure how best to share their knowledge. This discussion will tackle that uncertainty head on, grappling with the role of historians in contemporary debate and offering suggestions on how to engage the public at every level.

Contact Email: sferenti@indiana.edu
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