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Chinese Cinema Remixed

Event series runs daily from Jan 29 to Apr 1, 2017.

IU Cinema will present 20 film programs linked to mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Five renowned scholars will curate double-feature film programs that explore a ‘mash-up’ of themes—tradition versus modernity, old versus new, government- approved versus independent or underground—relevant to their areas of research. All films will be introduced by the visiting scholars, and public lectures about the pairings will be offered. There will also be partial retrospectives of visiting fifth- and sixth-generation Chinese film directors and the following film screenings and discussions:

Popo Fan March 26-27, 7pm

Fan is an activist filmmaker and director of the Beijing Queer Film Festival, an underground film event that is pushing for LGBTQ equality in China.

Bingbing and the Young Pioneers April 1, 7pm

The Young Pioneers is a Little 500 bike team made up solely of Chinese students, founded in 2015 by Bingbing Zhao, then a junior at the IU Kelley School of Business. The Arts and Humanities Council helped commission the documentary film for the festival.

All Day Tuesday March 21, 2017
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