Academic Deadlines for University College Students IUPUI Calendar

Withdrawal with grade of W or F begins. Advisor, instructor and dean's approvals required.

Beginning on this date, drops will be approved only in serious, extenuating circumstances with documentation.

Examples of extenuating circumstances include:

·         Medical/hospital stay/accident

·         accident

·         incarceration

·         psychological/emotional issues

·         death of family or friend

·         issues with a class/faculty (this has to be a well-documented situation)

·         eviction/homelessness

·         other major life event that severely impacts the student/family


Examples of documentation include:

·         Doctor’s note on letterhead (include dates)

·         Hospital admittance papers

·         Legal documents (i.e. police reports, eviction notice)

·         Obituary in the paper/funeral home site

·         Counseling services or CAPS


For more details about the spring Academic Calendar, please see the academic calendar on the Office of the Registrar website:

All Day Monday March 13, 2017
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