The exhibition “Kinship” addresses the personal and political implications of domestic space and familial heritage through the perspective and artwork of 6 internationally recognized artists. This exhibition explores the diverse ways in which family can be defined through culturally shaped experiences and situates marginalized perspectives and topics within an academic discussion.  “Kinship” examines the influence of family life on personal and cultural identity.  Each artist delves into the complex nature of family structures to express how it shapes internal dialogue and personal narrative. Through various avenues of investigation such as family lore and heritage, this exhibition addresses what it means to embody familial identity, while experiencing otherness within a public and private context.  Within a patriarchal system, knowledge and inquiry are considered currency of the public sphere.  “Kinship” aims to challenge this assumption by exploring the deep knowledge base developed through living in and observing domestic space, caring for others, and nourishing family.  Mainstream media representations of home can reinforce normative scripts that fail to express the conflicts and rewards of family life. The efforts of these artists challenge the viewer to reconsider the value of womanhood and the multifaceted roles that women play within the domestic sphere.  

Friday October 13, 2017 06:00 PM
Friday October 13, 2017 08:00 PM
Grunwald Gallery
Elizabeth Claffey
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This event is part of Themester 2017 Diversity Difference Otherness.
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