Indiana University’s Borns Jewish Studies Program and the IU Department of Theater, Drama, and Contemporary Dance will co-sponsor a series of workshop performances for the new musical The Wave in mid-October. Based on Ron Jones’s famous 1967 social experiment in a Palo Alto high school classroom (for more, see )—the musical presents a parable on the dangers of conformity, and of the human urge to give up individual autonomy in service to the larger group. These qualities connect effectively to the theme of Themester 2018 in their interrogation of uniformity and the ease with which a group can suddenly define insiders and castigate outsiders.

Thanks to funds from the Gerald and Dorit Paul Fund for the Arts in the Borns Jewish Studies Program, and enthusiastic logistical, facility, and personnel support from the Department of Theater, Drama, and Contemporary Dance, we have secured an oral agreement to bring the current artistic team to Indiana University for the first half of October to work on the piece with students from the Department of Theater, Drama, and Contemporary Dance.

Thursday October 12, 2017 08:00 AM
Thursday October 12, 2017 09:00 AM
IU Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance Studio Theatre
Judah M. Cohen, Lou & Sybil Mervis Professor of Jewish Culture and Associate Professor of Musicology, Borns Jewish Studies Program
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This event is part of Themester 2017 Diversity Difference Otherness.
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