TALK: Biological Diversity: The Woodland Pond

This event is the first presentation of a two-part series.

Biological diversity is astonishing in its scope, beauty, and importance, but modern life distances humans from the nature system we are part of. Many people now think that to witness the beauty of nature it is necessary to travel to remote locations like those typically seen in television nature shows rather than to explore biodiversity in local environments.

In these two presentations, Distinguished Professor Roger Hangarter (Department of Biology) will share compelling photographs and movie clips of the biodiversity of our region and will provide members of the audience with the opportunity to learn about our spectacular local biodiversity.

The photos and discussion will showcase the richness of the flora and fauna that exists in the south-central Indiana area while revealing the ebb and flow of life through all the seasons. Subjects includes organisms from the megascale to the microscale. Often the photographs capture things that most people will not have seen before. Sometimes the photographs reveal situations where humans have adverse impacts on biodiversity.

Many woodland ponds are temporary bodies of water, referred to as vernal or ephemeral ponds, that when filled with water are inhabited by distinctive organisms. They typically lack fish, which allows for the development of a number of amphibian, insect, and protozoan species that are normally preyed on or outcompeted by fish. Distinguished Professor Roger Hangarter (Department of Biology) photographed and filmed many of the organisms that live in various woodland ponds in Yellowwood Forest over several years. In this presentation, Professor Hangarter will show and discuss the beauty and biology of the diverse life of woodland ponds and consider some of the threats humans are imposing on these sensitive habitats.

Thursday October 12, 2017 07:00 PM
Thursday October 12, 2017 08:30 PM
Myers 130
Roger Hangarter (Department of Biology)
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