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EEB Seminar Series - Gunter Wagner - "Mechanisms for the evolution of a novel cell type: plasticity and genetics."


One of the major modes for the evolution of complex body plans is the evolution of novel cell types. Animals with simpler body organization, like Trichplax adherens, have many fewer cell types (5 to 6), than say a human which has over 500 histologically recognized cell types. Hence, the origin of novel cell types is an important but little understood process in the evolution of animals and plants. In this semianr I will report on our research on the origin of one particular cell type, the decidual cell of eutherian mammals. This cell type arose in the stem lineage of eutherians. It plays a vital part in the evolution of extended gestation and placentation frequently found in eutherian mammals. Our current understanding of this process suggests that the gene regulatory network of decidual cell differentiation arose from a stress reaction of endometrial fibroblasts. Hence, at least in this case, a novel cell type arose from an interaction between a plastic response and its genetic stabilization and re-programming. 


Friday October 27, 2017 04:00 PM
Friday October 27, 2017 05:00 PM
Myers Hall Room 130
Biology Seminar Coordinator
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