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Student Accelerator Crash Course: SQL (FULL)

In the fall of 2013, Loyalty Research Center and TechPoint surveyed 26 Indiana companies in order to better understand which computer-related skills and job functions were most important to their growth. According to the results of that survey, the one of most used technologies is SQL.

If you’d like to find a job in Indianapolis after you graduate, we encourage you to apply for a seat at for this Accelerated Crash Course!

In this workshop we learn how to use SQL to create a database, maintain it, and recover information from it. We start by defining the problem that our relational database will help resolve and discussing in detail the database model we will use.  We proceed to create the database structure using both pre-written scripts and hands-on SQL statements, then populate the database and update its data. Having done that, we then learn how to retrieve data in meaningful ways using simple and complex select statements. We end with exploring some SQL functions and understanding when to use them.

Our tool is the Community Edition of MySQL, the most popular open source database currently available; the goal of the workshop is not to teach how to use the tool, but the instructor will teach the minimum necessary to complete the hands-on exercises.



Accelerator Crash Courses are designed to provide to provide a space for women to learn more than just the basics about a topic.  These workshops are highly collaborative and interactive and are intended to encourage further in-depth and independent learning of the subject matter.

These workshops typically occur on a Saturday and/or Sunday, and last 6+ hours. Lunch is provided at each session.  Because of the popularity of these workshops and the limited seats, attendees must apply for a seat at each workshop.  They are open to any IUB student, but preference is given to CEWiT affiliates.

Saturday April 14, 2018 10:00 AM
Saturday April 14, 2018 05:00 PM
Student Building, Room 015
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