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Surviving? No, THRIVING as a New Teacher

Within the next few years, many students will enter the world of education as a new teacher. The joys and pains of starting a teaching career often go undiscussed. Today’s new teachers face a number of challenges, but we know more than ever about what it takes to recruit, train, support, and grow new and novice educators. Districts, schools, and teachers themselves all play a role in creating an organization where learning is celebrated, and teachers feel supported. The workshop will review the current challenges facing new teachers across the United States, the cost of teacher turnover, and how new teachers can prepare to thrive in their first year. As a result of this workshop, students will: • Understand the phases new teachers experience, and how to prepare for and manage each one • Learn the six key spheres to master as a new teacher • Assess their current strengths, challenges, and feelings about entering the teaching profession • Recognize components of successful teacher orientation, training, and support programs • Develop strategies they can use proactively to build support networks • Gain tools they can use as they prepare for and experience their first year of teaching RSVP Encouraged via Career Connections Online:

Friday October 12, 2018 01:00 PM
Friday October 12, 2018 02:30 PM
ED 3115
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