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Physics Colloquium, Gerardo Ortiz & Phil Richerme, Indiana University

The Second Quantum Revolution: Exploiting Entanglement

In 2017, the Indiana University Bloomington campus recognized "Quantum Information Science and Engineering" as an emerging area of research with existing excellence but in need of additional investment. The commitment of the campus energized the existing researchers into building larger stronger alliances and synergies, the strongest of which is between the departments of Computer Science, Intelligent Systems Engineering, and Physics. The main objective of the emergent "Quantum Science and Engineering Center" (QSEc) is to disentagle the power of entanglement to clear the path for generation of frontier quantum technologies of the 21st century. In this presentation we are going to talk about the science behind this effort.

Wednesday January 09, 2019 04:00 PM
Wednesday January 09, 2019 05:30 PM
Swain Hall West 119
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