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IU CINEMA: History Lessons / Evidentiary Bodies

A post-screening discussion with follow the films.

Barbara Hammer: The Never-Ending 

This program is a striking and raw pairing of two very different yet similar works. Accurate and honest representations of lesbian interior and exterior life has been a consistent aspect of Hammer’s practice.

History Lessons


In the documentary, History Lessons, Hammer uses archival footage to reclaim and retell lesbian herstory. Through often humors manipulations of newsreels, stag footage, and medical and sexual educational films, Hammer presents lessons we never taught in school. She goes into the past to place marginalized narratives of women and lesbians front and center and, in the process, emphasizes the power of cinema to engage in activism and social change. Contains mature content.



Evidentiary Bodies

In Evidentiary Bodies, Hammer further emphasizes this point by illustrating cinema as a place of birth and rebirth. Made in 2018, while living with 12 years of ovarian cancer, Hammer overlays abstracted images of celluloid film with images of her own body. As she crawls through, over, and into the nothingness and everythingness of cinema, one might ask: how might our understanding of moving image culture be different, if we actively acknowledged the imprints, the evidence, of work made outside of the mainstream? How can we search through film to find evidence of a past and present that has always been in front of us yet sometimes feels out of reach? How can we use cinema to demonstrate and practice empathy? Contains mature content.



Friday January 18, 2019 07:00 PM
Friday January 18, 2019 08:16 PM
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