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Kevin Jarbo, PhD, Colloquium, Program in Neuroscience and Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Kevin Jarbo, PhD, Department of Social and decision Sciences, Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, Carnegie Mellon University.

Talk Title:  Using neural circuitry to understand the implementation of cognitive processes.

Abstract:  Identifying the structural circuitry of the brain can enhance our understanding of cognitive processes at the functional level. Typically, white matter connectivity is determined with histological studies of nonhuman primates and postmortem human brain dissections. This work establishes a “ground truth” for our expectations of structural connectivity observed with human neuroimaging methods, i.e., diffusion weighted imaging and fiber tractography. By combining information from ex vivo studies of neuroanatomy and in vivo neuroimaging we can gain insights into the fundamental structure of white matter pathways. In my talk, I will review two studies that used diffusion imaging and tractography to examine the fundamental structure of callosal and corticostriatal pathways in the human brain (Jarbo, Verstynen, & Schneider, 2012; Verstynen, Badre, Jarbo, & Schneider, 2012). In addition to better understanding white matter circuit structure, we can make inferences as to how those circuits support cognitive function, e.g., convergent connectivity in a single region may integrate information from multiple distal brain areas (Jarbo & Verstynen, 2015). Lastly, I will briefly propose an approach to implementing a behavioral experiment to probe the functional activity of a structurally defined corticostriatal network.

Host:  Sharlene Newman, Ph.D.

Monday March 18, 2019 04:00 PM
Monday March 18, 2019 05:00 PM
Psychology Building, Rm 101, 1101 E. 10th Street, IUB
Sharlene Newman
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