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Stylistic Interactions in Sibeliusís Second Symphony

The Finnish Program in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies at IU presents:

Stylistic Interactions in Sibelius’s Second Symphony

Monday, March 25 @ 6.10-7.00 pm
Room: Woodburn Hall (WH) 119

Coffee and tea served at 6.00. The event is free and open to all.


Jean Sibelius (1865 - 1957) was a widely recognized Finnish classical composer whose works are still frequently performed internationally and in his home country, Finland. Recent scholarship considers Sibelius’s Second Symphony as one of the last works of his national romantic period. Miguel Arango’s Master’s thesis suggests that although the label “national romantic” might accurately describe some of Sibelius’s early works, it fails to account for the stylistic multiplicity described by his critics during the first years of the twentieth century. Trying to imagine the way in which the Second Symphony was heard by its first audiences, Mr. Arango’s talk will look at the way in which Sibelius’s early music was received by its contemporaries, placing special attention to their seemingly contradicting stylistic assessments. Further on, he will argue that the critics’ contradictions respond to a stylistic tension present in Sibelius' early works, arising from his unique blending of Modernism, Classicism, and Karelianism (an artistic movement that used mythological themes taken from the Finnish national epic Kalevala and the folklore of Karelia).

Miguel Arango bio:

Miguel Arango (Manizales, Colombia) graduated in guitar performance from the University of Costa Rica and in music theory from the University of Arizona. He is currently interested in the intersection between analysis, aesthetics, and reception history in the music of Jean Sibelius. Although his research focuses in the music of Sibelius, he is also interested in the cultural history of Finland, especially during the so-called “Golden Age of Finnish Art.”

Monday March 25, 2019 06:00 PM
Monday March 25, 2019 07:00 PM
Woodburn Hall (WH) 119
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