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Roadtrip Nation's "State of Change" Documentary Viewing & Panel

The state of Indiana is brimming with potential—and it’s poised to make a difference far beyond its borders. 

Indiana residents Shannon, Dengke, and Jaedyn are all at different points in their pursuit of undergraduate degrees, but they share a curiosity for what’s to come next—both for their own futures, and for the future of their home state.

Traveling across Indiana to take a closer look at some of the state’s leading industries, they see that no matter what their fellow Hoosiers are using to innovate—be it seeds, software, or steel—they’re all working toward the same goal: finding new solutions for a changing world. As their eyes are opened to all of the possibilities Indiana has to offer, they realize that when you find the courage to accept change, you also gain the courage to grow.

Join us to view Roadtrip Nation's "State of Change" documentary film followed by a panel discussion with individuals featured in the film. Refreshments provided courtesy of Roadtrip Nation.

Follow this link to view the documentary:

Monday September 23, 2019 03:30 PM
Monday September 23, 2019 05:30 PM
Campus Center Theater
Kristine Schuster
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