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Withdrawal with Grade of W or F Begins

Beginning this date, all withdraw requests will be approved only in serious, extenuating circumstances with documentation. Advisor, instructor, and Dean approval required.


UCOL students must see advisor and bring supporting documentation about extenuating circumstances.

Examples of serious, extenuating circumstances include:

  • Medical/hospital stay,
  • Accident,
  • Incarceration,
  • Psychological/emotional issues,
  • Death of family or friend,
  • Eviction/homelessness,
  • Issues with a class/faculty (this has to be a well-documented situation),
  • Other major life event that severely impacts the student/family.

Examples of documentation include:

  • Doctor’s note on letterhead (include dates),
  • Hospital admittance papers,
  • Legal documents (i.e. police reports, eviction notice),
  • Obituary in the paper/funeral home site,
  • Counseling services or CAPS,
  • Other official documentation not listed above.


For more details about the fall Academic Calendar, please see the academic calendar on https://studentcentral.iupui.edu/calendars/official-calendar.html


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