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Conference: Fragmentation of Religious Authority in Islam with a focus on Africa

2019 PIRA recipient Ron Sela, Director of the Islamic Studies Program within the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, studies the fragmentation of religious authority in Islam and has recently held the first of a series of international workshops on this topic at the IU India Gateway.

In partnership with the Indiana University African Studies Program, Sela convenes a similar conference at the IU Europe Gateway from October 10-12 to assess and analyze the causes, spectrum and consequences of an increasingly diverse, decentralized and disjointed practices of religious authority in Muslim societies, both regionally and comparatively. In this particular meeting, the researchers will further explore the theme of fragmentation of authority in Islam in Muslim Africa. They also intend to make the research more accessible by translating it into multiple languages with the support of international colleagues.

The President’s International Research Awards (PIRA) support high-impact international collaborative research projects that engage one or more of IU's Global Gateways and the communities they serve.

All Day Thursday October 10, 2019
IU Europe Gateway, Gneisenaustraße 27, 10961 Berlin
Andrea Adam Moore
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PIRA, IU Europe Gateway
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