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Kick-off Workshop: Infrastructures of Refugee Arrival: Spaces, Politics and Negotiations of Asylum

The research of 2019 PIRA recipient Elizabeth Dunn, Associate Professor at the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, is focused on humanitarian aid to refugees and internally displaced people. In particular, she studies the problem of protracted displacement, and why humanitarian aid may prevent displaced people from resettlement for decades or generations.

Her PIRA project sheds light on these issues using field work and collaborative meetings with international researchers to investigate the ways in which arrival infrastructures intersect with urban spaces. The research will look at new spaces of forced migration in the city, explore how they differ, examine which policies and institutional logics created them, and ask about what they mean for forced migrants. These and other issues will be discussed at the project’s kick-off workshop on October 29-31 at the IU Europe Gateway.

The project’s three major objectives are (1) expanding existing literature on forced migration to include newly emerging kinds of arrival infrastructures, (2) bringing refugee (and camp) studies closer to urban geography and urban planning by theorizing the urbanization of refuge, and (3) bringing together academics and practitioners currently scattered across disciplines and geographic locations.

The President’s International Research Awards (PIRA) support high-impact international collaborative research projects that engage one or more of IU's Global Gateways and the communities they serve.

All Day Tuesday October 29, 2019
IU Europe Gateway, Gneisenaustraße 27, 10961 Berlin
Andrea Adam Moore
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PIRA, IU Europe Gateway
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