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Heritage Preservation and Community Development

Workshop on Community-Based Archaeology
This is a workshop on the practice of archaeology that is engaged with the interests and needs of members of the public who are not archaeologists. We will move from a discussion of the theoretical underpinnings and the ethical import of contemporary practice to consideration of scientific significance and research methods. The workshop will conclude with a review of a series of published case studies.
I Morning
What is archaeology today?
What does archaeology have to do with human rights?
What is Public Archaeology? Why do it?
What is community-based archaeology? Why do it?
II Late Morning
Are community-based and public archaeologies science? Does it matter?
Who are the “public”?
What is a “community”?
III Afternoon
Case Studies – Good outcomes
IV Late Afternoon
Case Studies – Bad outcomes
Field school student in Kyrgyzstan
Excerpts from these books will be assigned:
-Connections and Complexity: New Approaches to the Archaeology of South Asia, Shinu Anna Abraham, Praveena Gullapalli, Teresa P Raczek, Uzma Z Rizvi, Left Coast Press, Apr 15, 2013 - Social Science - 430 pages
-Archaeology and the Postcolonial Critique, Matthew Liebmann & Uzma Rivzi, Rowman Altamira, Aug 7, 2008 - History - 274 pages
-Handbook of Postcolonial Archaeology, Jane Lydon, Uzma Z Rizvi, Routledge, 2016 - Political Science - 525 pages
-Ethics and Archaeological Praxis, Cristóbal Gnecco, Dorothy Lippert, Springer, Nov 10, 2014 - Social Science - 258 pages
-Cultural Heritage Management: A Global Perspective, Phyllis Mauch Messenger, George S. Smith, University Press of Florida, 2014 - Social Science - 336 pages
-Community Archaeology: Themes, Methods and Practices, Gabriel Moshenska, Sarah Dhanjal, Oxbow Books, 2012 - Social Science - 127 pages
K. Anne Pyburn is Provost Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University. She writes about the politics of archaeology in relation to human rights, she excavates ancient Maya cities in Belize and (recently) a Mesolithic camp in Kyrgyzstan. She has done research in the US in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona; in South American in Peru; in Yemen; in West Africa in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo; and in Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. She supports grassroots community-based heritage preservation and the use of archaeological evidence to substantiate indigenous land claims and promote economic development, she teaches classes on research ethics, scientific reasoning, ancient gender systems and early states. To fund these interests, she has taken money from NSF, FAMSI, the Interamerican Foundation, NatGeo, the US State Department, IPinCH, Leverhulme, Fulbright, USAID and various universities. She has published a monograph, a couple of edited volumes and about 100 articles. She is a booster for the World Archaeological Congress (http://worldarch.org/wac-9/).

All Day Friday September 20, 2019
IU India Gateway, E-12, First Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
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