• Workshop in Methods, Olga Scrivner, "Introduction to Webscraping with Python"
    February 23 2:00pm
    In this workshop, you will learn how to extract web data with Beautiful Soup, a Python library for extracting data out of HTML- and XML-structured documents. You will also learn the basics of scraping and parsing data. In this hands-on workshop, we will also be using the DataCamp platform and participants are requested to have a free account wit more »
  • Research Technologies, "Analysis with MATLAB"
    February 27 12:00pm
    Presenters: Jefferson Davis, Scott Michael   This workshop will cover basic usage of MATLAB, different use cases and examples, and where to get and run MATLAB.   more »
  • Research Technologies, "Intro to Scientific Visualization with Paraview"
    March 06 12:00pm
    Presenters: Bill Sherman, Mike Boyles   This workshop will cover basic scientific visualization concepts and applications using Paraview, including data types, the basic interface, pipelines, and more.   more »
  • GradGrants, "Grant-writing for International Students"
    March 08 1:00pm
    Grant writing tips for international students more »
  • Research Technologies, "Creating Computational Interfaces"
    March 20 12:00pm
    Presenters: Scott Michael, Tassie Gniady   This workshop will focus on Jupyter/Zeppelin notebooks and Shiny R interfaces, and how to develop and where to run them.   more »
Thursday, February 22, 2018