• Daniel A. DeCaro, University of Louisville, "Legal Design Principles for State-Reinforced Self Governance"
    September 20 12:00pm
    Join us on Wednesday, September 20, for a research talk by Daniel DeCaro who is an assistant professor at the University of Louisville and an Ostrom Workshop affiliated faculty member. Daniel did his postdoctoral research at the Ostrom Workshop from 2010 to 2013.   more »
  • Damon Linker, "The Task of Thinking in an Age of Reaction"
    September 22 12:00pm
    Political pundit and academic book editor Damon Linker will discuss what it’s like to analyze and comment on current affairs at a time of intense political partisanship and polarization. To avoid succumbing to the reactionary temptation—the tendency to respond to political provocation with an equal and opposite show of vitriol— more »
  • SPEA, Pamela Paxton, University of Texas-Austin
    September 22 12:15pm
    G&M Speaker Series more »
Wednesday, September 20, 2017