• IU Swing Dance Club Lessons and Open Dance
    June 26 7:00pm
    The Swing Club exists to provide opportunities for all interested students and community members to learn, practice, and enjoy swing dancing. We generally concentrate on East Coast Swing and Savoy-style Lindy Hop, but have also dabbled in other dances & styles, including Blues, West Coast Swing, Balboa, and more! The Swing Club tends to favo more »
  • Live From Bloomington Presents
    June 27 6:00pm
    Enjoy music from local musicians. more »
  • Ritmos Latinos
    June 27 7:00pm
    Ritmos Latinos Indiana dances, teaches, and performs rueda de casino, a group form of salsa that originated in Cuba. Rueda (from the Spanish word for "wheel") is danced in a circle and is led by a caller who signals the moves. As the dancers, or salseros, shift from one partner to the next, they move around the wheel, or make a ci more »
  • Trivia Night
    June 28 6:00pm
    Test your memory and knowledge by playing games of trivia. more »
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Beginner Workshop
    June 28 6:30pm
    Skills to be covered in a beginner workshop:  - History - Board Nomenclature  - Equipment Overview (design, construction, terminology, and transport)  - Weather Considerations  - Strokes  - Body Position & Stance  - Launching & Landing  - Hazards & Risks  - Basic Rescue/Safety&n more »
June 2017