• Global Service and Peace Corps Prep Program Information Session
    February 25 12:00pm
    Are you interested in making a positive impact in the world through service? Join us at the Global Service & Peace Corps Prep Program Information Session, which will describe IU’s Global Service Certificate and discuss how undergraduate students can strengthen their competitiveness for global service positions and for applying to the Peace Corps. L more »
  • "The United States, Japan, and the U.S. Alliance System in Asia"
    February 26 2:30pm
    Ms. Emma Chanlett-Avery (U.S. Congressional Research Service) will be engaging in a dialogue with 21JPSI Director, Dr. Adam Liff, on “The United States, Japan, and the U.S. Alliance System in Asia” – an issue of great contemporary interest in capitals around East Asia, and the major focus of recent reports she has written for the U.S. Congress. more »
  • Global Studies Graduate Writing Group
    February 27 2:00pm
    The Center of the Study of Global Change reserves a room, brings light snacks, and also provides coffee for this writing group. Members come prepared to work on their own material (such as: articles for publication, final essays for courses, dissertation chapters, etc.) and benefit from the accountability of writing with a supportive group of gl more »
  • On Russia in Russian! REEI Russian-language Colloquium: "Past in the Present or The Battle over History in Contemporary Russia—lecture in Russian"
    March 04 12:15pm
    A lecture by Ivan Kurilla The past is an important resource that Russian politicians and business people use to replace ideology, frame policies, or earn money. The state attempts to control the use of history by outside actors, but similarly instrumentalizes it for its own purposes. However, in the last five years, alternative social actors (th more »
  • Contemporary Africa Seminar Series: “Biopolitics: The Limits of the Liberal Imagination”
    March 04 4:00pm
    For convenience sake, to take two Italians from different generations – Gramsci at one side, Agamben at the other. And then to ask: if biopolitics is a new form of control (or resistance) – as so many argue today in a misreading of Hannah Arendt -- then what politics at any point in history did NOT involve control and manipulation of another’s bo more »
Saturday, February 23, 2019