• Exhibition: Balancing Act | Christyl Boger
    January 19 12:00pm
    Boger’s work is interested in the balancing act of the human animal caught between impulse and control, individual versus group, and the “fragile, vulnerable veneer” of our shared cultural behavior. Her work exists at the confluence of high and low art, of traditional figurative sculpture and domestic decorative figurines. Her more »
  • Exhibition: Of Bodies and Borders | Ana Teresa Fernandez
    January 19 12:00pm
    The Grunwald Gallery at Indiana University is pleased to present Of Bodies and Borders, an exhibition of paintings, drawings and video by artist Ana Teresa Fernández (b. 1981, Tampico, Mexico). The exhibit, organized by Gallery Wendi Norris and previously shown in Miami, will open on January 11 and continue through March 2, 2019. The arti more »
  • IU CINEMA: The King
    January 19 4:00pm
    A cross-country road trip in Elvis Presley’s 1963 Rolls-Royce, The King, is far more than a musical biopic; it’s a penetrating portrait of America at a critical time in the nation’s history and an unflinching investigation into the state of the American dream. From Memphis to New York, Las Vegas, and beyond, the journey tr more »
  • IU CINEMA: Le Moulin
    January 19 7:00pm
    In 1933, Le Moulin, an avant-garde literary magazine, was founded by young poets in Taiwan. Living under Japanese rule, these writers were introduced to European modernism by intellectuals from the metropole. The words of Baudelaire and Rimbaud transformed these artists, and compelled them to compose poems of and for the island. After World more »
  • Indiana University Founded in 1820
    January 20 12:00am
Saturday, January 12, 2019