• IU CINEMA: Easy Rider
    February 24 1:00pm
    50th Anniversary Screening   Considered a landmark road film of the 1960s, Easy Rider chronicles the search for freedom by two motorcycle drifters who invite an alcoholic lawyer to join them on their liberating journey to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay (written by Pe more »
  • Remote Twine Workshop
    February 24 2:00pm
    Twine is free-to-use tool for creating interactive, non-linear stories. This event will be hosted on an online discord server. At this event, we’ll introduce you to the basics of Twine. No previous programming or game design experience is required. This is a remote workshop, so you can attend from anywhere! To join in, just log in to more »
  • Estonia 101: A Celebration of Estonian Independence Day
    February 24 3:00pm
    Join us for a celebration of Estonia's 101st Independence Day and enjoy an afternoon of Estonian folk music, trivia, food, and fun!   Organized by the Baltic and Finnish Studies Association with support from the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, and the Russian and East Europe more »
  • IU CINEMA: Conducta (Behavior)
    February 24 4:00pm
    Carmela, a teacher nearing retirement, has a special place in her heart for kids like 11-year-old Chala. He lives in a run-down Havana neighborhood with his alcoholic mother, whom he supports by selling pigeons and training dogs to fight. When Chala’s behavior at school gets him into trouble, the headmaster wants to send him to a reform sc more »
  • Research Driven Art presentation by Caroline Sinders
    February 25 9:30am
    Caroline Sinders is an artist and researcher exploring how new kinds of data sets, be it emotional data, traumatic data, or political data can then affect algorithms. How can these outputs be actualized as an art piece? Can the creation of a data set help create equity in digital spaces? Her work explores the intersections of critical design, da more »
Tuesday, February 12, 2019