• Donuts & Design: Learn Photoshop for St. Patrick's Day!
    March 25 12:00pm
    Come join us for a St. Patrick's Day Donuts & Design! Yes, it's more than a week after the real St. Patrick's Day, but we really want to teach you Photoshop by editing leprechauns into random photos.  As always, coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts will be provided! Note: Laptops will be used for this workshop. Please a more »
  • 2D Animated Sprite Workshop
    March 25 12:30pm
    You are invited to join CEWiT’s Women in Game Design Special Interest Group (SIG) this Saturday for a 2D Animated Sprite Workshop. In this workshop, telecommunications student and artist Morgan Anderson will demonstrate how to animate 2D graphics for video games using Photoshop. All software will be available on the Macs in the compute more »
  • Illustrator CC 2015: The Basics
    March 28 8:00am
    This workshop lasts 3 hours, and is part of the certificate series Desktop Publishing Fundamentals In this workshop, participants will learn how the basics of Adobe Illustrator, a drawing program. Participants will spend time building basic skills like drawing with brushes, creating and combining shap more »
  • Learn how to create a research poster with InDesign
    March 28 12:00pm
    CEWiT has teamed up with IT Training to offer the How to Create a Research Poster with InDesign workshop.  Students who will be participating in the CEWiT Women's Research Poster Competition are especially encouraged to attend this FREE workhsop. However, it is open to anyone. Beth Nolen, Senior IT Education Spec more »
  • Learn IT Quick: Create Resumes in Word
    March 28 2:30pm
    This workshop lasts 45 minutes. Learn the basics of creating a customized resume in Word, using templates, choosing fonts and laying out a page. Also learn to how to use styles.   more »
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