• Holland Lecture: "Disentangling the tree of life: from species discovery in a biodiversity hotspot to the origin of African savannas." Muthama Muasya, University of Cape Town.
    October 21 4:00pm
    Muasya, whose career began in Kenya, researches diverse aspects of the evolution and ecology of flowering plants, including mechanisms of speciation in sedges, patterns and drivers of wetland vegetation, edaphic niches of legumes, and the origin of spines, underground forests, and other unique traits associated with African savanna plants. A more »
  • Robert Shea, Public Sector Principal, Grant Thornton.
    October 23 5:00pm
    GT-IDEA Roundtable: The Long and Winding Path of Evidence-Based Policymaking in Government Refreshments available from 5-5:30pm. more »
  • Microphiles research discussion group
    October 25 12:20pm
    Microphiles is a microbiology research discussion group. more »
  • Themester Film Screening: "Resilience"
    October 30 7:00pm
    Themester Public Film Screening: Resilience. In 1917 Russia was wracked by revolution, famine, war, and unrest. And yet, all that year children were born. This is a film about some of those children, 100 years later. The production team traveled over 66,000 kilometers tracking down centenarians born in Russia in 1917, and captured their unbe more »
  • REEI Networks: Paul Richardson
    October 31 12:15pm
    REEI Meet and Greet event with Paul Richardson, IU alum and co-producer of the film, Resilience. more »
Thursday, July 12, 2018