• EXHIBIT: "A Snapshot of Pakistan, 1965: The Madge Minton Collection"
    September 19 9:00am
    On her 1965 trip to Pakistan, WASP pilot and herpetologist Madge Minton arrived with funding from the IU Museum (today the Mathers Museum of World Cultures) and a mission to collect objects used in everyday life. "A Snapshot of Pakistan, 1965: The Madge Minton Collection" uses the items she collected and the information she recorded ab more »
  • Global Studies Graduate Writing Group
    September 19 2:00pm
      The Center of the Study of Global Change reserves a room, brings light snacks, and also provides coffee for this writing group. Members come prepared to work on their own material (such as: articles for publication, final essays for courses, dissertation chapters, etc.) and benefit from the accountability of writing with a supportive more »
  • Asian Cultures Around Campus featuring Calligraphy Lessons
    September 19 5:00pm
    Learn and practice the ancient art of East Asian Calligraphy. During our meetings, the instructor will share interesting facts about calligraphy as well as teach you to write in the ancient script in both brush and hard-pen formats. For more information, please email acc@indiana.edu. more »
  • SPEA Welcomes Aaron Seybert
    September 19 7:00pm
    Social Investment Officer The Kresge Foundtion “The Revitalization of Detroit”   more »
  • “What a Difference a Dog Makes! Or Did Dogs Help Humans Survive in Ice Age Europe?” with Pat Shipman (Pennsylvania State University)
    September 20 4:30pm
    Dogs were the first species to be domesticated. Pleistocene wolves are generally agreed to be the ancestor of all domestic dogs, though wolves were a fierce predator competing with humans for prey. Why and how did a dangerous animal turn into the wag-tailed friend that inhabits our homes? What does "domestication" really mean? This more »
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