• Robert E. and Avis Tarrant Burke Lecture: Dr. Amanda Lahikainen, "British Graphic Satire and the Enlightenment: The Conceptual Art of Imitating Paper Money"
    February 22 4:00pm
    This lecture will briefly introduce the history of graphic satire in Britain from the early eighteenth century through the golden age of caricature that  lasted into the early decades of the nineteenth century. This introduction will draw on recent scholarship and pose questions about the roots of modern political cartoons: are they grounde more »
  • IU CINEMA: The Other Story
    February 22 7:00pm
    Director Avi Nesher is scheduled to be present.   In this moving family drama—interspersed with exuberant comedic moments—Yonatan returns to Israel after being in the U.S. for years. This is at the request of his father, a marriage counsellor who wants him to join his practice. He is also scheming with Yonatan’s ex more »
  • The Elixir of Love
    February 22 7:30pm
    Drink in The Elixir of Love Music by Gaetano Donizetti A miraculous love potion proves to be a recipe for mayhem and merriment.  Dr. “D” (who’s got a Ph.D. in quackery) has a potion he “guarantees” will make you absolutely irresistible! How perfect for the town’s lovesick Lothario, who can more »
    February 22 10:00pm
    Before Nesher spent time in Hollywood making genre films, he adapted the H. Rider Haggard novel SHE for Transworld Pictures, which he shot in Italy. In a post-apocalyptic, backward world leftover from an event called The Cancellation, SHE (Sandahl Bergman) becomes the leader of a rogue nation in which men are second-class citizens. SHE more »
  • IU CINEMA: Strangers on a Train
    February 23 4:00pm
    Alfred Hitchcock’s classic psychological thriller is a tale of two men whose lives become entangled by their chance meeting on a train. When tennis star Guy Haines (Farley Granger) complains about his troublesome wife, Bruno Antony (Robert Walker) suggests a murderous plan that blurs the line between guilt and innocence. Strangers on more »
Friday, October 12, 2018