• Fred H. Cate, “AI Governance Challenges and Mistakes We Might Avoid Repeating”
    February 25 12:00pm
    Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly developed in recent years. Today, AI tools are used increasingly by both private- and public-sector organizations around the globe. The capabilities of AI now and in the near future create widespread and substantial benefits for individuals, institutions, and society. However, these same technological inn more »
  • Ivan Kurilla, "Frenemies: US-Russian Relations from a Historical Perspective"
    March 06 4:00pm
    Ivan Kurilla is a Professor of History and International Relations at European University, St. Petersburg. In addition to authoring monographs and editing collections in his primary field of interest, the history of US-Russian relations, especially during the American antebellum and Civil War periods, he has organized workshops, published articl more »
Saturday, February 23, 2019