• International Women's Day Conference
    March 23 1:00pm
    International Women's Day Conference is an opportunity for the campus community to come together, locally and globally, in a space that aims to empower women through the lens of education, leadership development, and social justice. more »
  • Ostrom Workshop Monday Colloquium Series
    March 25 12:00pm
    Michael Alexeev Department of Economics, IU more »
  • REEI Russian-language colloquium: Angelina Kozlovskaya
    March 25 12:15pm
    "Between Play and Reality: Children’s Supernatural Beliefs in the Digital Age" - Visiting scholar Angelina Kozlovskaya, PhD student at the European University-St. Petersburg will discuss her research in anthropology. She is interested in the anthropology of childhood, contemporary legends, supernatural beliefs, and more »
  • Brazilian Literary Spring: Alexandre Vidal Porto, "Cloro: The Genesis of a Novel"
    March 25 3:00pm
    In this Horizons of Knowledge lecture, Brazilian writer Alexandre Vidal Porto  will discuss (in English) the creative process behind his latest novel, Cloro (2019), a novel that deals with issues related to sexuality and the LGBTQ+ community in contemporary Brazilian society. more »
  • Mary Heinricher, PhD, Colloquium, Gill Center and Program in Neuroscience
    March 25 4:00pm
    Talk title: How the brain controls pain.   Mary Heinricher, Professor of Neurological Surgery, Associate Dean, School of Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR. Sponsored by the Gill Center and the Program in Neuroscience more »
Saturday, January 12, 2019