• Research Planning Meeting with Tehran University of Medical Sciences
    August 24 12:00am
    From August 24-25, Michael Kowolik, Executive Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and of Global Engagement at the Indiana University School of Dentistry, is using the Gateway facilities for a meeting with colleagues from Tehran University of Medical Sciences to plan joint research projects and discuss a possible future workshop in Berlin. more »
  • Global Philanthropy Research Workshop- Convenes researchers from across Asia to discuss data infrastructure in cross-national perspective.
    September 05 9:00am
    The Global Philanthropy Research Workshop is an invitation-only event the morning of September 5 for research partners, including those engaged in research for IU’s Global Philanthropy Resource Flows Index and other local partners of Ashoka University’s Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy. The theme of the research workshop is more »
  • Symposium: Theorizing Education: A Dialogue between Philosophy, Pädagogik/Pedagogikk, and Curriculum Studies
    September 08 12:00am
    Lemuel Watson, Provost Professor and Dean of the IU School of Education, is organizing an education research symposium at the IU Europe Gateway from September 8-10 that brings together an international group of researchers for their fourth in-person meeting. The group has been meeting for over a year to establish strategies and research to a more »
Tuesday, February 12, 2019