• Writing Group
    October 24 3:00pm
    Don’t go through it alone—graduate students meet at weekly Writing Group sessions to support each other in writing their theses, dissertations, and other projects. Solicit feedback, bounce ideas off other students, and set aside designated writing time. Register here more »
  • PFFP Brand Yourself Workshop
    October 24 4:00pm
    Snacks will be provided. Please RSVP more »
  • PFFP Mandatory 3MT & 3MP Practice Session
    November 06 4:00pm
    Register for the competition. more »
  • Getting you through Graduate School: Stigma around Cultural Bias
    November 20 4:00pm
    A professional development series from UPnGO in partnership with CAPS. RSVP more »
  • PFFP Annual Pathways Conference
    November 30 8:30am
    The Pathways Conference participants engage in seminars, workshops and networking opportunities designed to build awareness, skill and relationships amongst peers and experts. Registration is FREE and open to all. more »
Thursday, June 14, 2018