• Indiana University Founded in 1820
    January 20 12:00am
  • Exhibition: School of Art, Architecture + Design Faculty
    January 20 12:00pm
    The Grunwald Gallery of Art is pleased to announce the upcoming School of Art, Architecture + Design Faculty Exhibition. This exhibition will open to the public on Saturday, Friday, January 13th and will be on view through Friday, February 9th, 2018. An Opening Reception will be held on Friday, January 19th, 2018 from 6:00 pm &nda more »
  • EXHIBIT: "Memories Shared: Photographs of Historic Bloomington"
    January 20 1:00pm
    Bloomington has changed significantly in the past 100 years, but many places remain in some shape or form. This photo essay will explore a few of these places through historic photos and you're invited to share your memories of them. “Memories Shared: Photographs of Historic Bloomington” will be on display through July 29, 2018. more »
  • EXHIBIT: "A Snapshot of Pakistan, 1965: The Madge Minton Collection"
    January 20 1:00pm
    On her 1965 trip to Pakistan, WASP pilot and herpetologist Madge Minton arrived with funding from the IU Museum (today the Mathers Museum of World Cultures) and a mission to collect objects used in everyday life. "A Snapshot of Pakistan, 1965: The Madge Minton Collection" uses the items she collected and the information she recorded ab more »
  • EXHIBIT: "A Different Look at Syria"
    January 20 1:00pm
    Drawing upon the Dee Birnbaum Collection, this exhibit offers a glimpse into the richness and diversity of material culture and deep history of an ancient nation. Syria has served as a crossroads of strategic trade routes and cultural exchange since 10,000 BC. Today, we hear of Syria in the context of its bloody civil war, a conflict that has co more »
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