• Pride Pantry
    July 25 8:00am
    IUPUC has its own on-campus food pantry located in the Office of Student Affairs, LC 1200. Pride Pantry is open to all current students, staff and faculty members at IUPUC. To visit the pantry, you will need your IUPUC student or staff ID card and you will need to sign a waiver. It’s that simple. Patrons of the pantry are allowed more »
  • Beginning Student Orientation
    July 27 8:00am
    Welcome to IUPUC! Check-in for New Student Orientation begins at 8:00AM in the Learning Center Main Entrance. more »
  • Early Start Mentor Training
    July 27 10:00am
    IUPUC Early Start Mentor Training more »
  • Transfer Student Orientation
    August 03 7:45am
    Welcome to IUPUC! Check-in for Transfer Student Orientation begins at 7:45AM. more »
  • PACC meeting
    August 06 9:30am
    Professional Advisors' Council, Columbus (PACC) The group meets twice a month (1st & 3rd Monday/mo) to work on appreciative advising and a list of advising issues. more »
Thursday, September 14, 2017