• FILM: "Oleg's Choice" by visiting filmmaker Elena Volochine
    November 26 7:00pm
    “Oleg’s Choice” offers unique and riveting embedded footage from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war in the Donbas. The film is a rare immersion into the private lives and thoughts of two Russian combatants who have chosen to fight on the separatists’ side in Ukraine. Filmmaker Elena Volochine is scheduled to be present. Part of the "Documenting Russia" more »
  • TALK: International journalist and documentary filmmaker Elena Volochine will speak about propaganda and the war on media.
    November 27 6:00pm
    Filmmaker Elena Volochine, who co-directed “Oleg’s Choice,” will speak about propaganda and the war on media, as part of the "Documenting Russia" film series. Volochine is an international journalist and documentary filmmaker and the Moscow bureau chief for France 24, a Paris-based news operation that broadcasts in French, English and Arabic to 250 more »
  • Council on Foreign Relations Academic Conference Call
    November 28 11:45am
    The CFR Academic Conference Call series provides a forum for students to interact with leading experts on foreign policy issues. On Wednesday, November 28 Elizabeth C. Economy, the C.V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, will host an academic conference call on Xi Jinping's power profile. more »
  • "U.S. - Japan Economic Frictions in the 'Trump Era': Beyond TPP?"
    November 28 4:00pm
    Prof. Megumi Naoi (UC San Diego; political science) will be offering a talk tentatively titled “U.S.-Japan Economic Frictions in the ‘Trump Era’: Beyond TPP?”. Prof. Naoi’s latest, award-winning book is Building Legislative Coalitions for Free trade in Asia (Cambridge UP), and she is a leading expert on the politics of trade, TPP, and U.S.-Japan an more »
  • Book Talk by Stefano Bottoni: Stalin's Legacy in Romania The Hungarian Autonomous Region, 1952–1960
    November 29 12:15pm
    This book-related talk will explore study the little-known history of the Hungarian Autonomous Region (HAR), a Soviet-style territorial autonomy that was granted in Romania on Stalin’s personal advice to the Hungarian Székely community in the summer of 1952. The ideological premises of the Hungarian Autonomous Region followed the Bolshevik pattern more »
Saturday, November 17, 2018