• Council on Foreign Relations Academic Conference Call
    September 19 11:45am
    The CFR Academic Conference Call series provides a forum for students to interact with leading experts on foreign policy issues. On Wednesday, September 19 Madeleine K. Albright, former United States Secretary of State, will host an academic conference call on the rise of authoritarian nationalism. more »
  • Europe’s Overlooked Crisis: Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine
    September 19 2:00pm
    Presentation by Tania Bulakh, PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology, highlighting state responses to the crisis surrounding internally displaced persons in Ukraine, as well as the impact of the crisis on the lives of displaced people and its relevance for Europe. more »
  • African Languages Tea Time: Yoruba
    September 20 11:00am
    Come meet our instructors for and current students of Yoruba, have some tea, and find out more about African Languages at Indiana University-Bloomington! more »
  • Baltic and Finnish Studies Association (BAFSA) Meeting
    September 20 5:00pm
    The first BAFSA meeting of the school year is here! We invite you to share your enthusiasm for the Baltic nations and Finland, as we will be conducting several cultural events for these nations throughout the year. Please join us in planning and, more importantly, celebrating events such as the Latvian Independence Day with us here at IU! more »
  • Turkish Talk #1: Turkiye as an Emerging Market
    September 20 7:00pm
    The Turkish Talks series present monthly Turkish-language lectures on a variety of topics. Simultaneous written translation into English is provided by advanced Turkish Flagship students. All learners and native speakers welcome! more »
Tuesday, September 18, 2018