• GCDB Seminar Series: "Defining the transcriptional regulatory structure of plant genomes." Roger Deal.
    September 21 4:00pm
    Compared to animal genomes, the cis-regulatory structure of plant genomes remains poorly defined. It is currently unclear how many enhancer elements exist in plant genomes, where these elements lie in relation to their target promoters, and how many elements are typically used to regulate each gene. To address these issues, we have employed the more »
  • A Casual Conversation on the Economics of Urinetown
    September 21 5:30pm
    The Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance along with Theatre Circle present Dr. James Walker leading a casual conversation on the economic conditions present in the IU Theatre production of Urinetown. A drought has left water scarce and people must now pay a private company to pee, but the fees keep rising!  To more »
  • Global Studies Graduate Group Call-out
    September 22 12:30pm