• Fall 2017: Final grades due
    December 17 12:00am
    1st 8-Week class grades are due October 16 by 3 p.m. 2nd 8-Week and Full Term class grades are due December 18 by 3 p.m. Dates and times are subject to change without notice. See the Official Calendar for more details. more »
  • EXHIBIT: "A Snapshot of Pakistan, 1965: The Madge Minton Collection"
    December 17 1:00pm
    On her 1965 trip to Pakistan, WASP pilot and herpetologist Madge Minton arrived with funding from the IU Museum (today the Mathers Museum of World Cultures) and a mission to collect objects used in everyday life. "A Snapshot of Pakistan, 1965: The Madge Minton Collection" uses the items she collected and the information she recorded ab more »
  • EXHIBIT: "The High Stakes of Macedonia's 'Colorful Revolution'"
    December 17 1:00pm
    Several years ago the government of the Republic of Macedonia embarked on an "urban renewal" of the capital city, Skopje. The initiative was seen by many as a highly divisive nationalist project. In 2016, these monuments and buildings came under attack by various groups of citizens. Using paint as ammunition, they defaced the edifices more »
  • EXHIBIT: "A Giving Heritage: Wedding Clothes and the Osage Community"
    December 17 1:00pm
    "A Giving Heritage" explores the history of bridal attire among the Osage, a Native American people. The exhibition features beautiful jackets, based on early 19th century military uniforms that have a special place among the Osage. Once used as gifts from U.S. military personnel to Osage leaders, these coats can be seen as a symbol of more »
  • EXHIBIT: "A Different Look at Syria"
    December 17 1:00pm
    Drawing upon the Dee Birnbaum Collection, this exhibit offers a glimpse into the richness and diversity of material culture and deep history of an ancient nation. Syria has served as a crossroads of strategic trade routes and cultural exchange since 10,000 BC. Today, we hear of Syria in the context of its bloody civil war, a conflict that has co more »
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