• French Club: Bonus Film Night
    April 19 6:00pm
    In place of the talent show French Club will have two film options this Friday in WH 101 at 6pm - (You may be redirected to a neighboring room once you get there for the other film) more »
  • IU CINEMA: Signorina Effe
    April 19 7:00pm
    Writer/Director Wilma Labate is scheduled to be present.   The defeat of the auto factory workers’ utopian dream at FIAT, Italy’s most powerful car manufacturer, is narrated in an allegorical story of love and power. Emma (Valeria Solarino), raised in a working-class family with bourgeois ambitions, is romantically invol more »
  • Streamers
    April 19 7:30pm
    We hope you can join us on April 18th, 19th, or 20th for Streamers – David Rabe’s award-winning realist tragedy from the Vietnam era about U.S. soldiers awaiting deployment. This project is presented in partial fulfillment of RJ Hodde's first-year graduate coursework in directing and we would love to have you there!  CLI more »
  • ARCgis Accelerated Crash Course for Faculty
    April 20 9:30am
    Faculty are invited to join us for this special workshop presented by the Feminist Research Collective (Suparna Bose, Pengfei Zhao, Dajanae Palmer, Samantha Silberstein, Pooja Saxena, Lucinda Carspecken, & Barbara Dennis). In this workshop, the Feminist Research Collective will share its project “Women We love.” This project more »
  • Java with Java
    April 20 11:00am
    Coffee crawl coffee shops with CEWiT Women Who Code while we code with Java -- No experience necessary! This is a time where we can interact with you and just hang out while coding. We plan to meet at different local coffee shops over the course of the semester. April 20th's meeting will be at the IMU Starbucks. Make sure to bring a fu more »
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