• IU CINEMA: The Watermelon Woman/Black is Blue w/ guest
    January 22 7:00pm
    Director Cheryl Dunye is scheduled to be present. The Watermelon Woman (1996) Directed by Cheryl Dunye Black is Blue (2014) Directed by Cheryl Dunye   Set in Philadelphia, The Watermelon Woman is the story of Cheryl (Cheryl Dunye), a 20-something black lesbian struggling to make a documentaryabout Fae more »
  • IU Cinema Jorgensen Guest Filmmaker Series: Cheryl Dunye
    January 23 3:00pm
    This Jorgensen Guest Filmmaker program will be in the form of an extended, on-stage interview.   Cheryl Dunye emerged as part of the New Queer Cinema movement of young film and video makers in the 1990s. Dunye’s work is defined by her distinctive narrative voice. Often set within a personal or domestic context, her stories for more »
  • IU CINEMA: Cheryl Dunye Presents: Portrait of Jason/Pink Triangles w/ guest
    January 23 7:00pm
    Cheryl Dunye is scheduled to be present.  Portrait of Jason (1967) Directed by Shirley Clarke Pink Triangles (1982) Produced by Cambridge Documentary Films   Cheryl Dunye has personally selected two film titles to screen from Indiana University’s film archival holdings. From the more »
  • Julius Caesar
    January 23 7:30pm
    Julius Caeser brings the epic glory of the Roman Republic to the stage, with a treacherous assassination that causes Rome to erupt into a warzone. As a dommed rebellion led by the noble Marcus Brutus and the cunning Caius Cassius unfolds, blood spills and loyalties waver. more »
  • Minnesota Orchestra
    January 23 8:00pm
    Join the world-renowned Minnesota Orchestra for an evening of featuring orchestral greats, including Sibelius’s En Saga, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7. more »
January 2018