• IU CINEMA: Vento di terra (Land Wind)
    April 19 7:00pm
    Eighteen-year-old Vincenzo, a young Neapolitan commuter, is faced with unemployment, following the brutal death of his father and the departure of his older sister. Since he risks eviction from the family apartment, he participates in an unsuccessful robbery and then enters the army to serve in Kosovo, only to return home with a tumor more »
  • New Music Ensemble
    April 19 7:00pm
    New Music Ensemble David Dzubay, director Alex Mincek, guest composer Piano soloist to be announced more »
  • City of Angels
    April 19 7:30pm
    As the first of two parallel stories unfolds, struggling Hollywood screenwriter Stine tries to strike it big with his film noir masterpiece. In the second, Stine’s fictional detective Stone hits the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, trying to crack a case before the case cracks him. With both writer and character influencing each other&rsqu more »
  • Concert Band and Symphonic Band
    April 19 8:00pm
    Jason H. Nam and Eric M. Smedley, conductors; featuring Peter Ellefson (trombone soloist) and John Rommel (trumpet soloist) more »
  • French Club Talent Show
    April 20 6:00pm
    Email ldemsey@indiana.edu to sign up! View French Club Flyer     more »
April 2018