• The Third Chemical Risk Assessment Training Workshop
    June 26 12:00am
    Researchers and instructors at Indiana University and the University of Science and Technology Beijing will jointly offer a three-day workshop to provide technical training to professionals and graduate students whose work or research is related to chemical risk assessment. The workshop will introduce concepts, theories and methodologies in regu more »
  • Conference: Poetic Critique
    June 27 12:00am
    Poetic critique—is that not an oxymoron? Do these two forms of behavior—the poetic and the critical—not pull in different, even opposite, directions? For many scholars working in the humanities today, they largely do, but that has not always been so. Friedrich Schlegel, for one, believed that critique worthy of its name must be more »
  • Fullbright Fair
    June 28 12:00am
    During this time, we will welcome the new cohort of grantees who will begin their application process for graudate school. Given last year's success, we will be hosting a university fair once again. more »
  • Conference: A Transatlantic Wave of Antisemitism? Jew-Hatred in Europe and the United States
    June 30 10:00am
    At a time of rising antisemitism, culminating in two attacks on synagogues in Pittsburgh in October 2018 and in Poway this year, scholars from a number of different institutions will convene at the IU Europe Gateway on June 30, 2019, to discuss contemporary threats in North America and Europe. The return of anti-Jewish hostility is evident i more »
  • Workshop: Privacy and Security Research
    July 05 12:00am
    Cybersecurity topics are growingly recognized as a societal issue of global importance. As such, tackling salient challenges in this domain requires multidisciplinary and sociotechnical approaches that take into account not just the technology but the larger social, economic, regulatory, and political context within which the technology is embed more »
June 2019