• Study Abroad: Principles of Sports Marketing
    February 25 10:00am
    This short term program for IU KSB students will provide students with intercultural insights and first-class academic experiences. With the focus on Sport Management, students can explore a field for which the University of Bayreuth has a strong reputation in Europe. After the initial visit to Berlin with a seminar and site more »
  • Workshop: Creative Spark
    March 08 12:00am
    This workshop on March 8 & 9, 2019, co-organized by David Audretsch from IU’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Maksim Belitski from the University of Reading (UK), Tommaso Minola from the University of Bergamo (IT) and Alessandra Colombelli from the Politecnico di Turino (IT), aims at addressing issues, which have more »
  • Study Abroad: Metropolitan Development: The Case of Berlin
    March 10 12:00am
    Study-abroad program providing students an opportunity for an overseas case study of Metropolitan Development from March 10 through 16, 2019 The focus of the course will be on exploring and analyzing Berlin as an overseas case study of Metropolitan Development. In particular, the role of policy in shaping the evolution and development of Ber more »
  • Workshop: Continuity, Improvement, and Innovation in Experimental Methodology
    March 13 12:00am
    Interdisciplinary workshop on scientific methodology research in collaboration with LMU Munich and the University of Copenhagen from March 13 to March 15. The nature of scientific change has been one of the key issues in the philosophy of science. Scholars including Karl Popper, Gaston Bachelard, Thomas Kuhn, Paul Feyerabend, Georges Canguil more »
  • Workshop: Innovation in Education
    March 21 12:00am
    The focus of the workshop on March 21-23 is Innovation in Education. European experts assembled by Adam V. Maltese from IU Bloomington's School of Education will look at both new approaches (i.e., innovations) to teaching students, and approaches to teaching students that can lead them to be innovators. Some of the approaches to be disc more »
February 2019