• NMBCC Freshman Pinning Ceremony
    August 22 6:30pm
    The purpose of this ceremony is to welcome our first-year students into academic life at Indiana University Bloomington. It is an opportunity for them to recognize their place within the legacy of Black academe here at Indiana University, as well as an introduction to Black student leaders, faculty, staff, and community members. The Neal and Mar more »
  • Umoja Day - Block Party
    September 07 3:00pm
    Umoja (Unity) Day is named after one of the 7 principles of Kwanzaa. The purpose of Umoja Day is to connect Black students, faculty and staff to the resources and services available to them on the IUB campus and within the Bloomington community. During this event, the NMBCC invites local and national Businesses, student organizations, campus ser more »
  • NMBCC Freshman Leadership Academy
    September 09 2:00pm
    The Neal-Marshall Leadership Academy is a four-month leadership development program hosted by the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center for first-year, first-semester African American students. This program is designed to assist first year African American students with: 1) Building a cohort of peers, 2) Connecting to the Neal-Marshall Black Cultur more »
  • NMBCC MidDay House Party
    September 12 12:30pm
    The NMBCC hosts the Mid-day House Party to provide students and a casual atmosphere to unwind. These parties provide opportunities for the NMBCC staff, graduate and undergraduate students to build community, network, share experiences, and resources. more »
  • NMBCC Fish Fry 2018
    October 12 6:30pm
    The Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center is teaming up with the African American Arts Institute to throw the annual Fish Fry! more »
February 4 - 10, 2018