• EASC Colloquium: The Brink of a Precipice: Educational Testing in Wartime (Collaborationist or Occupied) Shanghai
    February 01 12:00pm
    Shanghai’s transnational, often called semi-colonial, concessions make it an interesting case study for wartime educational reform, especially reform in service to pro-Japanese collaborationism. During the War of the Pacific, Wang Jingwei’s pro-Japanese collaborationist regime attempted to establish long-term policies of governance t more »
  • EASC Colloquium: Five Things You’d Want to Know in Explaining Japan’s Surrender in 1945
    February 15 12:00pm
    To most Americans, it is obvious that the two atomic bombs ended World War II. Yet at least four other developments helped persuade Japanese leaders to surrender. In addition to the Soviet Union’s entry into the war, the Allied blockade starved the Japanese home front of food and fuel; the expanding U.S. firebombing campaign devastated 64 more »
March 4 - 10, 2018