• Lecture: "Women's Human Rights and Liberal Thought," by Anja Matwijkiw, Ph.D.
    March 29 2:00pm
    Dr. Anja Matwijkiw is a professor of professional ethics & human rights. Her research focuses on stakeholder frameworks and their legal and ethical application in law and governance at the national and international levels. Professor Matwijkiw's research and teaching interests highlight human rights challenges that concern the foundation more »
  • Lecture: "The 'Me Too' and 'Time's Up' Movements," by former candidate for Lt. Gov. of Ind., Christina Hale.
    April 11 1:00pm
    Christina Hale, former candidate for Lt. Gov. of Indiana. more »
  • Lecture: "Women's Reproductive Rights: The Personal is Political," by Nicole Anslover, Ph.D.
    April 17 12:30pm
    Nicole Anslover, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History, Adjunct Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies Areas of experitse: American women in history President’s wives Women’s reproductive history more »
April 2 - 8, 2017